About me

Hi, I’m Frank. I deploy and maintain all kinds of hardware and software, from servers to mobile phones. I have been an avid Linux and open source user and programmer and network technician since early 2013, after I nuked and paved my college laptop to keep it from overheating. Overcoming the obstacles of this do-it-yourself operating system was quite a learning experience, and I credit much of my problem-solving skills and tech passion to Linux.

I have held many different titles, officially and otherwise; desktop technician, systems/network administrator, programmer, open source aficionado. I enjoy exploring the translations of human to computer logic, and have picked up a few programming languages along the way; C/C++, Python, JavaScript, Lua, Bash, and more!

While I do hold an Associate’s Degree in Networking and work-study accolades, the lessons I learned from my experiences working hands-on with, and solving the problems of real deployments and with real administrators has been my greatest achievement. I have always aspired to let my skills show my merits.

You can read about my projects and thoughts about tech here.

My goal is to continue learning about and working with the technology that has such great influence on our lives, and doing my part to improve it.