• My First Electric Vehicle: 10,000 Mile Ownership Update

    Why an Electric MINI? My wife Jing and I needed a second car. When looking for cheap vehicles, some electric vehicles showed up because of $7,500 tax rebates. We were after something small, thus affordable and easy to maneuver. MINI won us over the Leaf or Bolt in part to its cool/funky/cute style and MINI’s […]

    My First Electric Vehicle: 10,000 Mile Ownership Update
  • The Firehose Method of IT Support

    Even the most tech-savvy among us have had to look up some issue here or there; it’s the nature of the tech beast. This article will briefly cover an especially egregious example of how bad tech support can be from Microsoft’s very own “Answers” blog. A firehose overwhelms, inundates. Likewise, to “support” a user by […]

  • NFT’s – Collectible Media and Blockchain

    Explaining non-fungible tokens and their significance.

  • Nutrition Data Storage Hypothetical

    How much data does food require in the United States? Well, let’s find out. I’ll be using C, since it’s the lowest-level language many programmers are comfortable with, and it is plenty efficient enough to handle this task. The data required for one label can be expressed in a C struct with 42 data items, […]

  • Greenshot

    A free, feature-rich open source screenshot application for Windows.

  • Wen

    How and why I created Wen: Chinese Character practice.